The Fantasy 46 Podcast, special Thanksgiving extravaganza

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This is a loaded week, gamers, with the byes behind us and three quality match-ups on the Thursday schedule. We're releasing the Week 12 pod a few hours early, so as to inflict maximum lineup damage. (Or perhaps to help. That's always the goal). All 20 questions addressed in this week's episode were posed by actual live fantasy consumers, via Twitter. Topics include...

The Kyle Orton waiver claim (with a preemptive, cursory Orton-to-Chiefs spin);

Andre Johnson's return from injury, with Matt Leinart at the controls in Houston;

DeMarco Murray's price tag in a hypothetical re-draft;

The ridiculous increase in tight end production during the fantasy era;

Kevin Smith's rest-of-season value;

Fallout from the Jay Cutler thumb disaster;

And of course there's much more, including some unwanted vacuuming just outside the studio. Do the do:

The Fantasy 46, Week 12 Preview

If you have questions that went unanswered in this week's episode — and that seems likely, since we didn't review all possible sit/start dilemmas — then feel free to tweet: @andybehrens, @bmac670.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, all. Prepare a good bird, set a good lineup. And good luck beating TedBell to the Black Friday deals at Kohl's ... ain't gonna happen, but you can try.


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