The Fantasy 46 Podcast: ‘Playoffs?! Are you kiddin’ me…’

At last, we've hit the most stressful (and profitable) month of the fantasy season. Winners advance, and losers ... well, losers can just head over to the College Bowl Pick 'Em sign-up page, because they're cooked. Thanks for playing.

Many of this week's questions focused on fantasy playoff philosophy, so we spent time discussing end-game management. For every player mentioned, we tried to look at rest-of-season schedules. We also talked dynasty league strategy, we dissected a few Week 13 match-ups, and we had value conversations about Roy Helu, Laurent Robinson, Matthew Stafford, CJ Spiller, Beanie Wells, and various others. It felt like a loaded episode. Hit the link to listen:

The Fantasy 46, Week 13 preview

Many thanks as always to WSCR-AM 670 for hosting, and thanks to those who tweeted questions. And thanks to Kevin Smith for returning to practice, at least in a limited capacity.

If you're searching for either B-Mac or myself on Twitter — for whatever sinister purpose you might have — here you go: @bmac670, @andybehrens. Let's get a win this week, then meet back for the usual debriefing.


Photo via US Presswire