Fantasy 46 Podcast, ep. 2: Special Week 1 double-issue

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So we didn't actually intend for this thing to be a double-issue, but shutting up proved difficult. Listen to as much or as little as you like/dislike, gamers.

As you can probably guess, we discussed the increasingly dire Peyton Manning situation at the top of the show. We also ran through the full Week 1 schedule, with fantasy spin. (Somehow I neglected to mention that Lance Moore is out for the Thursday game. But he is, so take evasive action).

Bonus feature: Earlier in the week, I spoke with Arizona Diamondbacks closer JJ Putz about his massive fantasy portfolio, and specifically about this league. (JJ's team: "Ginger Kids." Other managers include Cliff Floyd, Matt Thornton, Steve Phillips, Pete Incaviglia and Fred McGriff. Seems like Carl Everett should be in there, too, but no. Still a fun group). Putz is a hardcore fantasy player, and it turns out he's viscerally repulsed by Beanie Wells, just like the rest of us. JJ is also a badass relief pitcher involved in a pennant race, so we're grateful that he took the time to chat. You'll find the full interview early in the show. Listen up...

The Fantasy 46, ep. 2, previewing Week 1

One final note: It turns out B-Mac isa lot more interested in your feedback than I am, so if you have any podcast thoughts or recommendations, find Brendan on Twitter: @Bmac670. If you'd simply like assistance in a fantasy matter: @andybehrens. There's been significant Yahoo! Sports progress on the iTunes front, so hopefully we'll have something good to announce in another week or so.

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