Exhibitionist: Houston rookie DeAndre Hopkins shines in preseason debut

So yeah, the Texans may have finally found a dangerous receiving complement to Andre Johnson.


Hopkins feasted on Vikings defensive backs in Friday's preseason win, hauling in four passes on five targets for 52 yards. The highlight play was this 34-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter, which brought shame to back-up CB Bobby Felder (pictured). Click that link, friends. Hopkins out-jumped the coverage, high-pointed the ball, then held on through the landing. Nice throw; better catch. "Strong hands" was part of the pre-draft scouting report on Hopkins, and you can see why.

Hopkins should make plenty of noise this year, that much seems clear. The kid was a first-rounder out of Clemson — he was ridiculous last season: 82 catches, 1405 yards, 18 TDs — and he'll have a clear path to playing time in Houston. Without question, he's on the fantasy radar. His average draft position in Yahoo! leagues is just 124.9 at the moment, making him a filthy steal. Wherever you've got him on your cheat sheet, he probably deserves to be higher. He's a talent. (He also seemed to enjoy run-blocking on Friday night, a key to earning snaps in the Texans' offense.)

Yeah, I know, it's only exhibition football, he's a rookie, this is a run-first team, blah-blah-Jacoby-Jones-blah-Kevin-Walter-blah. I get it. But Hopkins is seriously skilled and he's in a friendly situation. We should all be interested. It's not tough to imagine a 65-900-6 sort of season, with the potential for more.


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