Exhibitionist: Christopher Ivory, preseason film star


To be perfectly honest, Christopher Ivory(notes) was just a name on a depth chart to me prior to Friday's preseason game between the Saints and Chargers.

And then he did this.

Click that link. Watch the tape. That's unbelievable. Here, I'll link it again, just to give you a second chance. You will not see a better individual play made by any skill player this preseason. On that 76-yard touchdown reception, Ivory either side-stepped, stiff-armed, outran or bulldozed every member of the San Diego defense.

OK, sure, he was facing defenders who are buried on the depth chart themselves, but still, that was a ridiculous play. If Ivory hadn't already made the Saints, he definitely secured a roster spot on Friday. That was his second TD of the preseason; he's now gained 217 total yards on 38 touches.

And to be perfectly honest for the second time in this blog post — an unusual display of honesty around here — I have no idea what to do with Ivory for fantasy purposes. When a guy flashes ability like that, and he's connected to one of the NFL's elite offenses, you like to add him somewhere in your fantasy portfolio. I'm looking for spots in deeper formats.

Of course that preseason score may have been the peak of Ivory's football life. Things like that happen all the time. He had as unimpressive a collegiate career as you can imagine — check out Ivory's Washington State football bio. Ick. He was fired by the Cougars, then finished up at Division II Tiffin University, which, if I'm not mistaken, is actually a culinary institute that specializes in desserts.

But we know the Saints have a history of turning undrafted players (Pierre Thomas(notes)) and late-round picks (Marques Colston(notes)) into fantasy stars. We also know that Sean Payton prefers a deep rotation of running backs. And we further know that at 6-foot-0 and 222 pounds, Ivory has Mike Bell(notes)-like dimensions. Just keep him on the fantasy radar, and assign him new coordinates on the sleeper grid.


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