Is there a draft in here or is it just me?

Those of you who only rarely visit the fantasy home page might miss the fact that the 2008 Friends & Family draft took place this week. You can find the results here, and you'll find Jeff Ma referring to my "prepubescent name-calling" over here. (Please note that the F&F divisional alignment is pre- and post-pubescent).

A few observations before we solicit your opinions:

This year, only four teams drafted RB-RB in the first two rounds. Six teams took that approach last year. Three owners actually drafted RB-RB-RB in 2007, despite the fact that we only start two backs in the F&F league.

Eight rookies were drafted within the first eight rounds in 2008. Last year, only four were taken by the end of Round 8.

Suspended receivers Steve Smith and Brandon Marshall fell to Round 3/Pick 3 and Round 5/Pick 5.

Evans drafted two former Illini running backs, Rashard Mendenhall and Pierre Thomas. He also plans to add Robert Holcombe, rotate his quarterbacks, emphasize special teams, and unveil an offense that he's calling "the Modified Power-Tepper."

Five owners chose to not draft a kicker. We'll fill the position immediately before Week 1. Right now we're using the roster spot for other purposes.

OK, if you're so inclined, please use the link in the first paragraph to review the draft, then offer thoughts via comments. You should be able to view every roster except Scott Engel's. His team is subscriber-only content.

And if you're not terribly interested in looking at another man's draft, please caption the photo above.


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