Did you want more Bishop Sankey? Because that's what we're going to get

Andy Behrens
Bishop Sankey breaks the plane. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)
Bishop Sankey breaks the plane. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

Bishop Sankey arrived in the NFL as the top running back selected in his draft class, a rookie of great interest to the fantasy community. Back in May, it seemed as if Sankey had an unobstructed path to a serious workload in Tennessee. His primary rival for carries, after all, was the lumbering husk of Shonn Greene.

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Here we are in October, however, and Greene has actually out-carried Sankey 33 to 24, out-snapping him 67 to 66. But the rookie has averaged 5.1 yards per tote on the season (5.9 over the last two weeks), so it's not as if he's struggling.

Still, Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt has found reasons to limit Sankey's workload, which of course is his prerogative. Finally, Whiz has reached the point where he'd like to lean a bit more on his second-round RB.

This from The Tennessean's John Glennon:

"You will see [more reps for Sankey]. That's coming," Whisenhunt said on the show. "And I think you'll see more of that earlier in the game this week."


"There's only so much that a young guy, you can throw on his plate, because you want him to continue on this curve where he is improving and getting better," Whisenhunt said. "He's made strides and done some of the things we've asked him, and in turn, he's going to get more reps and they're going to be earlier in the game."

Good news all around for Sankey investors.

Tennessee's schedule in the weeks ahead is extremely running back-friendly, as the team will face Cleveland, Jacksonville, Washington and Houston over its next four games. At present, those defense rank 29th, 25th, 8th and 24th against the run. So Sankey will have an excellent shot to justify the summer hype. He was an enormously productive collegiate player at Washington, despite running behind an occasionally sketchy O-line. (His tape from 2012 was particularly impressive, when you consider the line play.)

At the moment, Sankey is still available in 36 percent of Yahoo leagues, so a few thousand of you can still make the add. You obviously do not want to own multiple shares of the Titans offense, but this one is worth a try.