DeAngelo Williams rips fantasy owners who were desperate enough to start him

Things did not go well for the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, as they lost at home to Seattle, 16-12. The team's offense gained just 190 total net yards, six of which belonged to running back DeAngelo Williams.

Yup, six. On six carries. DeAngelo was facing a brutal matchup against the league's No. 3 run defense, and he did not have a good day. These things happen, and they're actually somewhat predictable. No one should have been fired up to start Williams against the Seahawks. If you were forced to rely on him in Week 5, you probably weren't making any side bets.

Nonetheless, a handful of fantasy managers apparently expected a decent point total from DeAngelo, and they reacted poorly to his performance, lashing out on Twitter.

This was his response...

As you can probably guess, many of the same vulgar/unhinged owners who ripped him for the six-yard effort have also ripped him for the you-can't-play tweet.

But I have to say, I think his response here is pretty awesome. DeAngelo Williams himself is telling you that if you were fool enough to start DeAngelo Williams in Week 5, then you're a lousy fantasy manager.

(He's also telling you to watch the language you're using on social media, which is solid advice for a variety of reasons).

This is a moment for self-reflection, DeAngelo owner. It's your team-building skills that need to be questioned, not his rushing ability. Hopefully the player won't judge the entire fantasy community based on tweets from the lunatic fringe that drafted him.

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