Court Report: Week 17 Dashboard, Part II

Each Sunday, the Dashboard centralizes all the crucial information fantasy managers need to dominate their weekly head-to-head matchups or climb the standings in their rotisserie leagues. The Dashboard covers schedule analysis, status updates, adds, drops, watch list candidates, and deep league targets for managers of all skill levels. Quite simply, it is a comprehensive weekly cheat sheet that is packed with so much information that we’ve devoted two writers to producing it.

Add List - players currently owned in less than 40% of Yahoo! leagues

Ersan Ilyasova(notes), F, MIL (34% owned)
Some may be quick to write him off given his recent string of single-digit point outputs –10, 2, 10, 6, 6, but what you have to realize is that scoring is one of two areas (assists being the other) where Ilyasova derives a very small portion of his value from. Look past that and you’ll see that he contributes everywhere else, namely rebounds (8.3 over the past two weeks) and steals (1.1). Sprinkle in some threes and blocks and plus efficiency, and he has the potential to deliver an above-average impact in seven of nine categories. He’s slumped a bit (37.5% FG) over the past week, sure, but he’s got that starting 4 spot all but locked down and has averaged 32.3 minutes during that span.

Josh McRoberts(notes), FC, IND (12% owned)
Now that the Chuckwagon is officially past 40% capacity, my next little pet project is to get McRoberts’ ownership mark closer to where it should be. Hayes has exceeded even my wildest expectations, posting top-15 value over the past month, and I’m in no way guaranteeing McBob will do the same. But there’s legitimate top-75 potential here, and it’s been on full display this past week. Over the last four games McRoberts has averaged 11.3 points, 5.5 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 0.5 blocks and plus efficiency (71% FG, 80% FT, 1.3 turnovers). He has benefited greatly from the sudden reemergence of Roy Hibbert(notes), as Vogel isn’t forced to pair Hibbert with Hansbrough like O’Brien was because of Hibbert’s offensive shortcomings. There’s never been much of a question about whether McRoberts could produce, as his per-minute value is right on par with the likes of Zach Randolph(notes) and Luis Scola(notes). It’s been a question of whether he could get minutes, and he’s gotten at least 20 minutes in his last 10 games, averaging 26.5 over that span.

Watch List - players currently owned in less than 40% of Yahoo! leagues to monitor closely in standard leagues

Rodrigue Beaubois(notes), G, DAL (7% owned)
I know I’ve been pushing him hard over the past week or two, but to me the premise is simple. I'll pretty much take him over anyone who has not posted consistent top-100 value. Why settle for a Stuckey (145-165) when you can have a shot at top-65 type value with Roddy? His ceiling is high, and he can fill it up across the board and hit on eight categories (rebounds excluded). His per-minute exploits have been well-documented – amongst qualifiers (20+ games, 10+ minutes per game), Beaubois finished 14th in per-minute value last season. The guys ahead of him: LeBron James, Kevin Durant(notes), Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Paul, Greg Oden, Manu Ginobili, Danny Granger, Tim Duncan(notes), Dwyane Wade, Troy Murphy, Channing Frye, David Lee, and Chris Bosh. There is some concern as to how he’ll fit into the rotation with J.J. Barea(notes) playing so well, but Barea is on a heater right now shooting well beyond his means and I’m confident it won’t last for much longer. Plus Roddy’s furthered development is far more important than playing Barea and actually serves a purpose in Dallas’ long-term plans. There’s big-time potential to be had here, and an 85th percentile projection would put Beaubois somewhere in the top-40. He’s a perfect example of a low risk, high reward investment.

Mike Miller(notes), GF, MIA (39% owned)
There’s no question he’s been a bit of a letdown so far, and a good portion of his value is currently invested in his low turnover total. He’s finding ways to make up for his slow start though, posting a career-high rebound rate of 14.9%. The threes have been falling with much more frequency as of late, and you have to believe the assists will eventually come around as well. It hasn’t been pretty so far, no doubt, but the reward for staying patient could be well worth it as he starts to piece the parts of his game back together.

Jodie Meeks(notes), SG, PHI (8% owned)
Much of what was said about Miller applies to Meeks – he’s a knock-down shooter with perhaps too much of his value invested in his low turnover total. Meeks has been on our radar for some time now, having started 36 straight games for the 76ers, but was more on the side of irrelevancy because he was so one-dimensional. Well this month he’s added two dimensions to his game that we had not previously seen from him – rebounds and steals. The 4.1 rebounds and 1.1 steals have added some meat to what was more of a bare-boned line, and has catapulted him inside the top-40 over the past two weeks.

Tony Allen(notes), SG, SF, MEM (7% owned)
The massive steals potential with Allen, about two a game, combined with a steady diet of blocks and plus efficiency has made a per-minute juggernaut – 31st amongst qualifiers, to be exact. Mayo’s impending return creates some concern, especially with the recent emergence of Sam Young(notes), but his per-minute exploits likely means he’ll find a way to stay relevant even in a reduced role with scaled-back minutes.

Rudy Fernandez(notes), SG, POR (24% owned)
The peaks and valleys have been pronounced over the past month, as he goes from a 2-point, 1-of-10 performance to hitting six threes en route to a 23-point effort. Rudy has come out ahead through it all though, posting top-90 value over the past two months, top-75 value over the past month, and top-70 value over the past two weeks. With that said, the impending return of Brandon Roy(notes) is a serious cause of concern, as it almost certainly means that Rudy’s days of seeing 28-30 minutes a game are over.

Brandon Bass(notes), FC, ORL (21% owned)
Remember him? After missing two weeks with a left ankle sprain, Bass returned from a six-game absence on Sunday to score six points and grab eight rebounds in 29 minutes against a stout Lakers front line. His contributions are a bit limited as he doesn’t hit in three of the nine categories (assists, steals, threes) and doesn’t provide much by way of points, but he could be plenty of help for those in deeper leagues looking for some rebounds, blocks, and plus-efficiency.

Others to consider: Darrell Arthur(notes), FC, MEM (12% owned), Sam Young, GF, MEM (14% owned), Ed Davis(notes), FC, TOR (8% owned), C.J. Miles(notes), SG, SF (36% owned), Carlos Delfino(notes), GF, MIL (30% owned), Austin Daye(notes), SG, SF, PF, DET (7% owned), Jared Dudley(notes), SG, SF, PF, PHO (19% owned), Kendrick Perkins(notes), C, BOS (32% owned)

Cut List - players who should not be rostered in standard formats

Jamal Crawford(notes) (86% owned), Vince Carter(notes) (86% owned), Jameer Nelson(notes) (83% owned), Trevor Ariza(notes) (79% owned), Rodney Stuckey(notes) (76% owned), Gilbert Arenas(notes) (75% owned), Al Harrington(notes) (73% owned), Tayshaun Prince(notes) (70% owned), Carl Landry(notes) (61% owned), Chris Kaman(notes) (52% owned), Charlie Villanueva(notes) (51% owned), Glen Davis(notes) (50% owned), Ron Artest(notes) (48% owned), Tyrus Thomas(notes) (45% owned), Mike Bibby(notes) (43% owned), Leandro Barbosa(notes) (40% owned)

Deep League Specials – players currently owned in five percent or less of Yahoo! leagues who warrant a roster spot in deep leagues (14 teams+)

Shaun Livingston(notes) (5% owned), Matt Bonner(notes) (4% owned), Willie Green(notes) (3% owned), Jordan Hill(notes) (2% owned)

Spark Plugs – players with a set of especially favorable matchups this week who make for excellent short-term plays

Your Lakers – @CHA, @CLE
Categorical breakdown: threes (1st), assists (2nd), steals (5th), blocks (2nd), turnovers (8th)
Players of interest: Derek Fisher(notes). Ron Artest

Your Jazz – @PHO, GSW
Categorical breakdown: points (1st), threes (6th), rebounds (1st), assists (1st), steals (1st), FG% (5th)
Players of interest: Deron Williams(notes), Paul Millsap(notes)

Your Bucks – LAC, DEN
Categorical breakdown: points (3rd), threes (2nd), assists (4th), blocks (5th), turnovers (7th)
Players of interest: Carlos Delfino, Brandon Jennings(notes), John Salmons(notes), Corey Maggette(notes)

Your Heat – @IND, @TOR
Categorical breakdown: points (7th), steals (8th), blocks (3rd), FG% (7th)
Players of interest: LeBron James(notes), Dwyane Wade(notes), Chris Bosh(notes)

Your Mavericks – SAC, @PHO
Categorical breakdown: points (2nd), rebounds (4th), steals (6th), FG% (4th)
Players of interest: Tyson Chandler(notes), Shawn Marion(notes)

Other extreme values…
Clippers assists (8th) / steals (3rd) / blocks (7th) – Baron Davis(notes), Randy Foye(notes)
Blazers threes (3rd) / assists (7th) / steals (2nd) – Rudy Fernandez, Wesley Matthews(notes), Andre Miller(notes)
76ers blocks (1st) – Elton Brand(notes)
Hawks points (5th) / rebounds (3rd) / FG% (1st) – Al Horford(notes), Josh Smith(notes), Joe Johnson(notes)
Hornets rebounds (5th) / assists (t-5th) / FG% (6th) – David West(notes), Emeka Okafor(notes), Chris Paul(notes)

Short Circuits – players with a set of unfavorable matchups who have a good chance of struggling this week

Your Raptors – MIA
One of eight teams with one game in Week 17
Categorical breakdown: points (29th), rebounds (24th), assists (28th), steals (t-24th), blocks (30th), FG% (30th)

Your Wizards – @ORL
One of eight teams with one game in Week 17
Categorical breakdown: points (27th), threes (23rd), rebounds (30th), assists (29th), blocks (27th), FG% (26th)
Players of interest: JaVale McGee(notes), John Wall(notes)

Your Knicks – ATL
One of eight teams with one game in Week 17
Categorical breakdown: points (25th), threes (30th), steals (30th), blocks (26th)
Players of interest: Amar’e Stoudemire(notes), Raymond Felton(notes), Wilson Chandler(notes), Danilo Gallinari(notes)

Your Nets – SAS, @BOS
Categorical breakdown: points (30th), threes (29th), rebounds (28th), assists (30th), steals (t-24th), FG% (25th), turnovers (25th)
Players of interest: Devin Harris(notes), Anthony Morrow(notes), Sasha Vujacic(notes)

Your Warriors – NOR, @UTA
Categorical breakdown: points (24th), rebounds (25th), assists (27th), steals (28th), FG% (21st)
Players of interest: Stephen Curry(notes), Monta Ellis(notes), David Lee(notes)

Your Bobcats – LAL, @CHI
Categorical breakdown: points (28th), rebounds (27th), FG% (29th)
Players of interest: Kwame Brown(notes)

Your Pacers – MIA, @DET
Categorical breakdown: points (22nd), steals (27th), blocks (29th)
Players of interest: Danny Granger(notes), Darren Collison(notes), Roy Hibbert

Your Spurs – @NJN, @CHI
Categorical breakdown: points (26th), threes (24th), rebounds (26th), assists (26th), steals (23rd), FG% (27th)
Players of interest: Tony Parker(notes), Manu Ginobili(notes)

Other extreme values…
Cavs points (23rd) / FG% (28th) – Ramon Sessions(notes)
Thunder threes (28th) / turnovers (26th) – Kevin Durant
Celtics steals (26th) – Rajon Rondo(notes)
Magic turnovers (29th) – Dwight Howard(notes), Gilbert Arenas, Jameer Nelson
Kings blocks (28th) – Samuel Dalembert(notes)
Nuggets threes (27th) / steals (29th) – Chauncey Billups(notes), Arron Afflalo(notes), Al Harrington, J.R. Smith(notes)
Pistons threes (25th) – Ben Gordon(notes), Charlie Villanueva, Austin Daye
T’Wolves rebounds (29th) – Kevin Love(notes)
Bulls rebounds (23rd) – Carlos Boozer(notes), Luol Deng(notes)
Hornets turnovers (30th) – Chris Paul

Additional notes: A reminder that the schedule analysis in the previous two sections is based on an eight-category format, with FT% excluded because how well a player shoots from the line is not dependent on the team that he faces. The players of interest who are listed for each team are ones who have a significant amount of value vested in the categories listed in the breakdown. These players are the ones that have the most to gain/lose depending on their weekly slate of opponents.

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