Court Report: Week 11 Dashboard, Part II

Each Sunday, the Dashboard centralizes all the crucial information fantasy managers need to dominate their weekly head-to-head matchups or climb the standings in their rotisserie leagues. The Dashboard covers schedule analysis, status updates, adds, drops, watch list candidates, and deep league targets for managers of all skill levels. Quite simply, it is a comprehensive weekly cheat sheet that is packed with so much information that we’ve devoted two writers to producing it.

Add List - players currently owned in less than 40% of Yahoo! leagues

DeAndre Jordan(notes), FC, LAC (25% owned)
If there’s one thing I’ve made explicitly clear this season, it’s how much I loathe and detest Chris Kaman(notes). More than Michael Scott is repulsed by Toby Flenderson. So it’s obviously a beautiful thing to see Jordan step right in to fill Kaman’s ruby slippers and outperform him by a good margin (at less than 8% of the price). It was a rough adjustment at first as he averaged just 5.8 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 0.9 blocks in nine November starts, but he has really begun to find his stride as of late and has grown more comfortable with playing extensive minutes. Jordan’s averages over the past two weeks include 10 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks, numbers that have catapulted him inside the top-85. Look no further than his 12-rebound, six-block performance against the Hawks on Sunday. The only drawback here is the free-throw percentage impact, which is about on par with Blake Griffin(notes) at 44.4 percent on 4.5 attempts during that span. With Kaman (ankle) sidelined for a couple more weeks, Jordan’s value will be safe for at least the short term. Kaman is no safe bet to stay healthy the rest of the way and the Clippers haven’t been shy in including him in trade talks, so there very well could be long-term value to be had here. So easy a Kaman can do it, right?

Rudy Fernandez(notes), SG, POR (15% owned)
I’ll expand more on Brandon Roy(notes) shortly, but with his status very much in doubt at the moment, it’s looking like Fernandez will have much more than just short-term fill-in value the rest of the way. In Roy’s absence, Rudy has posted averages of 17 points, 2.1 threes, 3.9 assists, and 1.3 steals with some nice efficiency figures to boot (51.5% FG, 88.2% FT, 1.1 turnovers). How good has he been exactly? Try 21st in per-game value over that span. I’m telling you, it’s those three goggles. I would be remiss if I didn’t at least give a shout out to Patrick Mills(notes), who has really been the glue holding that team together this season. He’s been a major reason why Blazers nation is still (generally) in good spirits, even after suffering two major blows with the Greg Oden(notes) injury earlier and the Roy situation now. More on Patty, the origin of three goggles, and why we haven’t heard much of anything out of the Fernandez camp (after a tumultuous off-season) here.

Ryan Anderson(notes), FC, ORL (6% owned)
If the losses of Rashard Lewis(notes) and Marcin Gortat(notes) weren’t enough of a reason to pick up Anderson before, there is now the added possibility that Brandon Bass(notes) could undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left knee if it doesn’t improve. The procedure would sideline Bass for at least a couple weeks. We may hear a more definitive answer to that after the Magic’s Monday morning shootaround, but you don’t have to wait until then to get Anderson added to your rosters. He’s been stellar ever since re-joining the rotation, posting top-75 value with plus-contributions in threes (1.8), rebounds (6.0), steals (1.4), and turnovers (0.8). Ideally the Magic would like to add another big man to the rotation via trade, but they have had no such luck.

Francisco Garcia(notes), GF, SAC (28% owned)
This isn’t so much about Tyreke Evans(notes) as it is about Garcia’s recent promotion to the starting lineup, his first string of starts since Opening Night. He has started in three straight games (four, including Sunday), and has responded by posting top-35 value over the past week. There are obviously no guarantees that he stays in the starting five with Paul Westphal manning the controls, but Garcia has proved to be an extremely adept contributor when given the opportunity. Amongst qualifiers (20+ GP), Garcia ranks 33rd overall in per-minute value. He won’t wow you in any single category (1.3 threes is as big a “wow” as you’re going to get), but he manages to contribute across the board (rebounds excluded). Get him on those rosters, especially if you’re in a rotisserie scoring league.

Cut List - players who should not be rostered in standard formats

Brandon Roy (87% owned), Caron Butler(notes) (82% owned), Troy Murphy(notes) (the Tanner family), Anthony Morrow(notes) (49% owned), J.J. Hickson(notes) (49% owned), Corey Maggette(notes) (a black hole somewhere), Mehmet Okur(notes) (nursing home), Reggie Williams(notes) (37% owned), Taj Gibson(notes) (37% owned), Anthony Randolph(notes) (37% owned), Shannon Brown(notes) (regression to the mean), Brendan Haywood(notes) (Lee Majors, over, and over … and over again), Marcus Thornton(notes) (Monty Williams’ doghouse), Yao Ming(notes) (gravity), Jarrett Jack(notes) (26% owned)

Additional notes: Roy has missed the Blazers’ last seven games and is currently out indefinitely with sore knees. Surgery and sitting out the remainder of the season are both possibilities. Given that Portland is more than likely headed for an eighth seed and a near-certain elimination in the first round of the playoffs, there is very little reason for the team to rush Roy back to the court, if at all. It should only be a matter of time until we hear the announcement from the team that Roy will be shut down for the rest of the year. Even if he comes back, his ceiling as a top-75 player has been well-established … Caron Butler looks to miss a minimum of two months with at least a partial tear of the patellar tendon in his right knee, and possibly the entire season if it is a full tear. In the case of a top-25 talent we’d tell you to hold off on cutting him (for now), but Butler has been rather underwhelming in general this season with his lack of supporting numbers. He should be off your rosters by now … Not only is Maggette sucking up possessions at the highest rate of his career (usage rate of 28.3%), but he’s also doing so while posting his lowest player efficiency rating ever (13.22).

Watch List - players currently owned in less than 40% of Yahoo! leagues to monitor closely in standard leagues

Brad Miller(notes), C, HOU (28% owned)
The Rockets’ frontcourt will really be tested these next couple weeks with not only Yao Ming’s season-ending ankle injury to deal with, but also with Chuck Hayes’(notes) two-to-four week ankle sprain. Miller and teammate Jordan Hill(notes) will be called on to fill the void, but it is Miller who has proven to be the more effective contributor of the two. In games where Miller has played more than 20 minutes this season, he has averaged 14.5 points, 6.3 rebounds, 1.3 threes, and 3.5 assists. It may not seem like much, but there’s sneaky top-65 short-term value to be had here.

Jared Dudley(notes), SG, SF, PF, PHO (22% owned)
In a Dudley vs. Mickael Pietrus(notes) debate I’ll side with Dudley every single time because he actually has the potential to put up a valuable all-around line when given minutes. He’s more suited for deeper leagues because his production will fluctuate as his minutes do, but you can’t deny the per-minute potential given that he’s posted top-60 value over the past month (in 29.3 minutes). Yes, he probably won’t be getting 30 minutes a game with Vince Carter(notes) around, but it’s hard to envision him getting much less than 25. Pro-rate his value to 25 minutes a game and he’d still rank right around the 75-80 range.

DeJuan Blair(notes), FC, SA (26% owned)
Some of the blame for Blair’s sporadic playing time ultimately falls on him, as he averages exactly six fouls every 48 minutes, tied-24th amongst qualifiers. There’s no doubting his potential when he’s on the court though (49th amongst qualifiers in per-minute value) with his big-time contributions in two areas: rebounds (t-16th in rebound rate) and steals (4th in steals per 40 minutes amongst qualifiers). He’ll continue to hover around the top-100 as he only gets about 20 minutes a game, but makes for a great addition for those already set in (or punting) points and threes.

Wes Johnson(notes), GF, MIN (38% owned)
Johnson’s role within the team context hasn’t changed much from the start of the season up until now, but one thing has: his shooting efficiency. After connecting on just 42.4 percent of his field goals (37.5 percent from three) and 60 percent of his free throws, Wes has upped those conversion rates to 51.7 percent, 44.8 percent, and 85.7 percent, respectively, in the month of December. He’s still lacking a bit in the points and rebounds, but his increased efficiency and contributions everywhere else make him a viable play (more so for deeper formats). We’ll find out a lot about whether the efficiency spike is for real this month.

Others to consider: Chris Andersen(notes), FC, DEN (20% owned), Keyon Dooling(notes), PG, MIL (14% owned), Gary Neal(notes), G, SA (7% owned)

Deep League Specials – players currently owned in five percent or less of Yahoo! leagues who warrant a roster spot in deep leagues (14 teams+)

Matt Bonner(notes) (Nike Headquarters), Raja Bell(notes) (5% owned), Jordan Hill (4% owned), Austin Daye(notes) (the mercy of Chris Wilcox(notes) … heavy coughing), Gordon Hayward(notes) (Duke), Earl Boykins(notes) (3% owned), Sasha Vujacic(notes) (3% owned), Andres Nocioni(notes) (3% owned), Al-Farouq Aminu(notes) (3% owned), Jose Juan Barea(notes) (3% owned), Kurt Thomas(notes) (see Okur, Mehmet), Vladimir Radmanovic(notes) (alien space ship), Marquis Daniels(notes) (2% owned)

Spark Plugs – players with a set of especially favorable matchups this week who make for excellent short-term plays

Your Hornets – PHI, GSW, @LAL, @DEN
Categorical breakdown: points (5th), rebounds (4th), assists (3rd), steals (8th), blocks (8th)
Players of interest: Chris Paul(notes), David West(notes), Emeka Okafor(notes), Trevor Ariza(notes)

Your Cavs, especially guards – TOR, @GSW, @PHO
Categorical breakdown: points (1st), threes (6th), rebounds (5th), assists (1st), steals (1st), FG% (1st)
Players of interest: Anderson Varejao(notes), Antawn Jamison(notes), Mo Williams(notes), Daniel Gibson(notes), Anthony Parker(notes), Ramon Sessions(notes)

Your Suns – LAL, NYK, CLE
Categorical breakdown: points (3rd), threes (1st), rebounds (2nd), assists (5th), FG% (7th), turnovers (t-7th)
Players of interest: Steve Nash(notes), Jared Dudley, Grant Hill(notes), Vince Carter, Channing Frye(notes), Robin Lopez(notes), Marcin Gortat, Mickael Pietrus

Your Celtics – MIN, SAS, TOR, @CHI
Categorical breakdown: points (t-7th), assists (8th), steals (2nd), blocks (2nd)
Players of interest: Rajon Rondo(notes), Paul Pierce(notes), Ray Allen(notes)

Your Lakers – DET, @PHO, NOR, NYK
Categorical breakdown: points (4th), rebounds (8th), assists (7th), FG% (2nd)
Players of interest: Pau Gasol(notes), Kobe Bryant(notes), Lamar Odom(notes), Andrew Bynum(notes)

Short Circuits – players with a set of unfavorable matchups who have a good chance of struggling this week

Your Pacers, especially guards – SAS, @ATL
One of two teams with two games in Week 11
Categorical breakdown: points (27th), threes (30th), assists (25th), steals (30th), blocks (24th)
Players of interest: Danny Granger(notes), Mike Dunleavy, Darren Collison(notes), Brandon Rush(notes)

Your Bucks – @MIA, @ORL, MIA, @NJN
Categorical breakdown: points (30th), threes (27th), rebounds (28th), assists (24th), steals (29th), blocks (30th), FG% (30th)
Players of interest: John Salmons(notes), Keyon Dooling, Earl Boykins, Andrew Bogut(notes), Ersan Ilyasova(notes), Drew Gooden(notes)

Your Mavericks, especially big men – POR, OKC, ORL
Categorical breakdown: points (25th), threes (26th), rebounds (29th), assists (28th), steals (t-24th), blocks (29th)
Players of interest: Dirk Nowitzki(notes), Jason Kidd(notes), Tyson Chandler(notes), Shawn Marion(notes), Jason Terry(notes)

Your Nets, especially guards – CHI, @WAS, MIL
Categorical breakdown: points (26th), threes (26th), assists (21st), steals (20th), FG% (t-26th), turnovers (29th)
Players of interest: Brook Lopez(notes), Devin Harris(notes), Sasha Vujacic

Your T’Wolves, especially guards – @BOS, CHA, POR, @SAS
Categorical breakdown: points (28th), rebounds (30th), assists (29th), steals (t-24th), FG% (25th), turnovers (26th)
Players of interest: Kevin Love(notes), Michael Beasley(notes), Luke Ridnour(notes)

Your Heat, especially guards – @CHA, MIL, @MIL, @POR
Categorical breakdown: points (29th), rebounds (t-26th), assists (26th), steals (28th), turnovers (25th)
Players of interest: Dwyane Wade(notes), LeBron James(notes), Chris Bosh(notes)

Other extreme values…
Thunder turnovers (30th) – Kevin Durant(notes), Russell Westbrook(notes)
Hawks assists (30th) – Joe Johnson(notes)
Pistons FG% (29th) – Tayshaun Prince(notes), Tracy McGrady(notes), Chris Wil … nevermind.

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