Closing Thoughts: We Mock what we don't Hanrahan

Here's some early advice for 2010: just take a vacation at the very beginning of the MLB season. Seriously, try it. Give yourself enough Internet access for occasional lineup maintenance and FAAB bidding, but not enough for irrational daily add/drop decisions. Lots of damage can be done in April, overreacting to 0-for-4's. There's a sensitive dependence on initial conditions in fantasy leagues.

Over the past two weeks, I've had only limited visitation rights with my fantasy portfolio, and the results have been fairly spectacular. Of course the downside to my vacation is that you've been without the fantasy community's favorite mouthwash-colored spreadsheet...

The Hoff could return to the Brewers as early as Sunday, so don't get too attached to Todd Coffey ... Joe Beimel just hit the DL with a left hip flexor strain, so the SP-eligible Garrett Mock becomes the handcuff. Or the Hanrahandcuff ... Manuel Corpas has done nothing to earn the Rockies closing gig (6.75 ERA), but Huston Street has done even less (9.64) ... Joel Zumaya is reportedly hitting 101 mph in Toledo. Fernando Rodney hasn't given anyone a reason to complain, though.

And another thing: Oakland's Joey Devine was unceremoniously dropped from the spreadsheet because he's on the 60-day DL, and he poses no threat to anyone right now. The San Francisco Chronicle reports today that Devine "had surgery on the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow on Tuesday, but details were sketchy besides that."


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