Before you click 'Add this player'

Yesterday, 3813 fantasy owners dropped Hunter Pence.

Another 1811 dropped Ryan Zimmerman.

And 1161 of you dropped Justin Verlander, 1689 dropped Paul Konerko, 1198 dropped Billy Butler, 2360 dropped Kelly Johnson, 627 dropped Adam Dunn, and 1007 dropped James Shields.

Some of those players have been early disappointments. Others, like Butler and Shields, have not. They were obviously cut from fantasy rosters because they brought discredit to the team in a different way -- like maybe they were exposed as hard-drinking furries.

These are your players, they're not on the Can't Cut List, and you're free to dispose of them as you like. That's totally fine. We often warn you not to base your opinion of a player's future worth on, say, 56 at bats (Pence) or 24.1 innings pitched (Verlander), but you're certainly allowed to ignore the advice.

However, you shouldn't ignore the fact that other owners in your league value these players differently.

Pence, for example, was dealt for the following players in one-for-one trades on Thursday: Ian Snell, Hideki Matsui, Scott Kazmir, Todd Jones, and Nate McLouth. Those are all useful fantasy commodities. It's hard to believe that the 3813 people who dropped Pence were adding players as valuable as those guys.

No, you wouldn't be able to flip Pence -- or Zimmerman, or Verlander, or whoever -- for equally talented players in every league. But you could do it in a significant percentage of them. Before you simply cut someone who was in demand two weeks ago, you need to shop them around. Not everyone is as quick to dismiss their 2008 fantasy potential as you.

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