Challenge! Here's your chance to lose to the experts

Over the years, we've realized that the best way to maintain healthy fantasy profiles is to compete against blog commenters. Because you fools are terrible. (Maybe this is a reflection of the quality of the analysis you're reading. Not sure). If you're interested in competing against licensed fantasy experts — knowing that you can't possibly win — please contact me via the email link over on the right.

Here are the essential settings:

QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, Flex, DEF, K
Half-point PPR
Four divisions, four experts
Live draft, July 21, 4:00 PM ET

We're looking for the most delusional, smack-talky readers we can find. It takes a special kind of crazy to distinguish yourself from the community of Yahoo! blog commenters, so don't hold anything back when you contact us. And again: Please email. You're free to comment below, but it will not impact the status of your application. Invitations will be sent on Sunday, June 27.

In the unlikely event that you actually finish atop the league standings, you'll receive a voucher for a free one-week stay at Million Dollar Sleeper's IDP academy in Bemidji, Minnesota. (Decent food, creepy counselors, cameras everywhere). Accept the challenge, gamers.


Photo via Getty Images

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