Chad Cordero hits 127 km/hr!

The problem with that, of course, is that it's only 79 mph. That's what Cordero was throwing last night against the Mets. Full details are available here. This is the scary stuff:

As the game resumed, the Nationals were alarmed to see that Cordero's fastball was clocked in the low-to-high 70s and that he still looked like he was hurting. When he is at his best, Cordero's fastball is in the high 80s and low 90s. It appeared that the closer was in pain whenever he attempted to throw a pitch.

And here's Manny Acta:

"I really don't feel right now -- with the way (Cordero) is throwing -- I should trust him to save a game here."

The Nats' trainer actually went to the mound to check on Cordero while the 26-year-old was warming up -- that's how awful he looked. The broadcasters immediately pointed out that Cordero had developed an awkward sidearm delivery, and they (appropriately) questioned why he was in the game, since he was evidently injured and capable of throwing only high-70s junk.

Jon Rauch is the appropriate add. Again. Feels like maybe we've discussed this before.

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