'Chad Billingsley has been dropped by 6211 teams in Yahoo! leagues'

At least that's what my "Roster Updates" say.

Fantasy owners are a skittish, unforgiving group. Resist the urge to participate in the mass-dropping of Billingsley, if possible. It's worth remembering that he made those two odd, unexpected relief appearances in the first week of the season. So when he says things like this...

"My body felt good, and my arm felt great. But I just couldn't really get into a rhythm. I really felt like I was overly aggressive. I was just really tense and couldn't relax."

...let's not assume that he can't recover. Here's what Joe Torre had to say:

"We screwed around with (Billingsley) his last start ... We banged him and brought him in relief. He's not using it as a reason. But he didn't get into any kind of rhythm, he didn't look comfortable. At the time we made the decision, it made sense. I'm not saying we would have done anything different. But starting pitchers get into a routine and it certainly got in the way of his routine."

It's too early to bail on him. There's too much talent there, and too many Ks. Billingsley struck out 20 batters in 22.1 innings this spring, and there was nothing wrong with his velocity last night. It was all about location...obviously. Billingsley walked three batters, hit two, and threw 70 pitches in 2.1 innings.

And you need to give him another chance. He'll get Pittsburgh at home next week.

Unless of course he's needed in relief over the weekend.

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