Carson Palmer is somewhere between day-to-day and droppable

During Sunday's miserable Browns-Bengals game, the broadcasters suggested that Carson Palmer might need to travel to Alabama soon to face the Dark Lord, Dr. James Andrews.

Today, we find this distressing exchange in the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Something is wrong with Palmer's elbow. It's something worse than fatigue or soreness or mild inflammation. We don't know what it is ... Read this exchange between Palmer and the press after the loss Sunday, and decide for yourself:

"Did the MRI show anything scary?''

Palmer: "I'm not going to comment on everything.''

"Do you think it's long term?"

Palmer, after a pause: "I hope not.''

So yeah, the elbow inflammation is a serious concern. The source of the injury was a sack by the Giants' Corey Webster in Week 3. Palmer reportedly wanted to play against Cleveland and he was designated the Bengals' third quarterback, so there's still reason to hope. But there are also a few reasons to worry.

Quick: Name a heavily-owned quarterback you'd actually be willing to trade for Palmer right now.

Jon Kitna? Brian Griese? OK, maybe. But J.T. O'Sullivan? Trent Edwards? Jason Campbell? No, probably not.


Photo via AP

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