Broken: Doumit's scaphoid bone

First of all, we understand that some of you don't have a convenient place to stash Ryan Doumit right now -- your DL spots are filled and your benches are short. But there's no way that all 14,157 managers who dropped him yesterday are in that predicament.

Thousands of you have violated two guiding principles of fantasy management: don't let DL positions go unused, and don't drop valuable players without exploring the trade market.

Doumit should still be rostered, somewhere. The catchers that you're picking up as replacements -- typically Yadier Molina (11,111 adds) and John Buck (10,841) -- are joining your lineup just in time to slump. If the 25 percent-owned John Baker is available, try him instead.

But let's not spend too much time on the usual April warnings. Instead, let's talk about Doumit's broken right scaphoid bone. He definitely did not pick the ideal thing to break. Here's Pittsburgh general manager Neal Huntington, via the team's website:

"It is the bone in the wrist that actually gets the least amount of natural blood supply, which lends to not a good prognosis in terms of natural healing."

Thus, Doumit will have surgery. Here's a description of the procedure and recovery from Disabled List Informer, a trusted source in these matters:

He is due to have surgery on Thursday, with internal fixation with pins being necessary to approximate the fractured margins. While the initial estimate has him missing 8-10 weeks, it could be a real possibility that is out longer than that. Scaphoid fractures have a reputation for being nasty injuries that heal slowly or not at all, so we will all be holding our breaths for the CT scan that occurs in about a month.

So yeah, not great news. A notoriously injury-prone player has broken something that's notoriously slow to heal. He's not going to beat that 8-10 week timetable.

Pessimism is completely understandable, but the mass-dropping is not. Find a way to hold Doumit over the next two months, if at all possible. He's an outstanding hitter. At least wait for the CT scan and the early reports. Don't react to bad news with a bad add/drop. You'll amplify the effect of a regrettable development.

(This last part is really just for Romig and Buser).

Gosh, if only Littlefield would have drafted Wieters when he had the chance...


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