Brandon Wood called up to sit down

Mike Scioscia is right when he says, "If you're going to pull the plug on some of the things we're looking at after 12 games, I think it's a little premature."

That's the right approach in fantasy and it's the right approach in real life, especially when you're only chasing the Mariners.

But at the moment, the Angels' No. 3 hitter is Maicer Izturis, a 5-8 middle infielder with a .377 career slugging percentage. So maybe it would be OK to make a few subtle alterations. Brandon Wood was recalled from Triple-A Salt Lake on Tuesday, and you might have naturally assumed he would play immediately. Alas, he did not.

Obviously there have been false starts with the 24-year-old Wood. Most of you know the history, and many have written him off. Yes, his plate discipline and contact percentage have been poor. Wood had an outstanding spring (.322/.375/.644 in 59 AB), however, and he was off to an excellent start in the minors (.346/.433/.923 in 26 AB). Wood was terrific in Triple-A last year, too (.296/.375/.595, 31 HR in 395 AB).

The Angels are next-to-last in the AL in runs-scored, and they would seem to have an immediate need for power. Still, it's not at all clear that Wood will get a chance.

Here's Scioscia, via the Los Angeles Daily News:

"There is an immediate need with Izturis in the lineup to get a little depth on the bench and (Wood is) going to be here to fill that right now," Scioscia said. "Ask me a week from now and it might be different. And if we continue to get some offensive chemistry and he's not in the mix, then we're not going to keep him here."

In mixed leagues that are larger than the 12-team public format, someone should take a flier on Wood, as long as it's low-cost speculation. He's not a must-add, but the position eligibility certainly works (SS and 3B), the power potential is there, and you don't need to spend a waiver claim since he's in the player pool.

Here comes the part where you tell us he's going to hit .230, now and forever...


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