The Bob Geren Award: What's the dumbest fantasy move you've seen this year?

As you may have heard, Oakland manager Bob Geren made a few curious choices in the ninth inning of the A's loss to the Twins on Saturday. The strangest of these was probably Geren's decision to intentionally walk pinch-hitter Justin Morneau(notes) with one out and the bases empty in a tie game, a maneuver that allowed the game-winning run to reach base. Morneau was dealing with flu symptoms at the time; according to the AP, he "could hardly stand."

The Internet was not particularly kind to Geren in the hours following the defeat. Here's a sample…

Joe Posnanski: "Even now, I need to go back to the Gameday account to be sure that this really happened. It seems impossible to me that a big league manager would intentionally walk the winning run with the bases empty. … I think this move might actually be a fireable offense, no joke, no exaggeration."

Athletics Nation: "The top of the ninth will live in Infamy and IMO is the proof positive that this team will win absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g with this somnolent moron, hired for no observable reason other than pure, corrupt Nepotism, occupying our dugout like a One Man [Expletive] Army."

MGL: "It is amazing how a sabermetric team (and the A’s are one) can let their manager do so many stupid things."

Brad Ziegler(notes), the pitcher who issued the IBB, couldn't fully accept the move, either. These were his comments via the Oakland Tribune:

"It caught me off-guard a little bit. I didn't do a good job of settling down and getting guys after that. … It takes a home run to beat us (in that situation), and fortunately in my career I haven't given up many of those (six). I'd like to get my shot in that situation, but it's not my decision."

At this point, it hardly seems necessary for us to pile additional criticism on Geren. The case is closed. He managed his way to an ugly loss, and he's been sufficiently pilloried. I've been trying to think of the fantasy equivalent of such a breathtakingly odd move, though, and can't come up with an ideal fit.

Let's toss the discussion topic out to the commenting community: What's the single worst fantasy decision you've witnessed this year? Maybe it's a premature drop, or a one-sided trade, or a regrettable streaming decision. But in order to match Geren, it almost has to be something that's unconventionally negligent. Give us your worst, gamers.

And please enjoy Strasburg/Stanton Eve responsibly.


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