Blog leagues now forming. Is there no one to challenge us?

How did we get our jobs as fantasy gurus?

Well, it's a long, difficult road. Most of us grew up competing in youth fantasy sports, we joined traveling teams, attended the elite European fantasy academies, played pick-up PPR in hardscrabble neighborhoods. It's the classic American story of raw talent and fierce desire, basically.

Eventually, a scout notices you. "Pssst. Pianowski…get in the van." And then things get crazy. If you can survive the rigors of the tour – the bus rides, the waffle houses, the million temptations – then you get a column. Possibly a nickname. It's not an easy life, though.

Frankly, at the end of all that struggle, it's annoying that we still have to join leagues with regular people. But we do. Blog leagues are now forming. Here are your options:

Brad Evans, 18-team PPR, three WR, one flex, FAAB, drafting September 8.

Brandon Funston, 14-team PPR, two flex spots, FAAB, drafting September 9.

Scott Pianowski, 12-team, standard scoring, two QB, FAAB, drafting September 9.

Andy Behrens, 16-team, IDP, standard scoring, drafting September 9.

If you're interested in joining any of the leagues above, please use the "Email him" link over on the right. In the subject line of your email, specify the expert you'd like to face. You can't win, but you're free to try.


Photo via US Presswire