Blog leagues are back, and they're big, complicated things

That's right, the football blog leagues are returning, and you can't win them.

Why? Because we're experts, that's why.

Experts don't lose things, ever. We have these jobs because we're better at imaginary sports than you. That's just the way it is, chump.

But if you'd like to try for a small, meaningless second-place trophy, go for it. Here are the formats we've decided to dominate in '08:

Matt Buser, 10-teams, public configuration

Scott Pianowski, 12-teams, two-quarterbacks

Brandon Funston, 14-teams, PPR

Brad Evans, 16-team, PPR

Andy Behrens, 18-team, IDP

If you'd like to participate, post your User ID in the comments section. And please finish this sentence: "Chris Williams' vertebrae are as delicate as..."


Photo (which has nothing to do with the post) via Getty Images

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