The Big Drop

Over the course of his 18-year career, Frank Thomas has been a .281 hitter in April. He's at least 20 points better in every other month.

Last season, Thomas was batting .219 as late as June 6, but he still finished at .277 with 26 home runs.

In 2006 he hit .190 in April, but ended the year at .270 with 39 homers.

The guy has been a slow starter. The fact that he was batting .167 after 60 at bats should not have been all that worrisome. Thomas is also on the short list of the best (organically-grown) hitters of all-time -- the very short list, like with only 10 or 12 names on it. And now he's jobless.

The real victims here are the people who owned Thomas in A.L.-only leagues, and who are forced to drop him because he's not officially an employee of an American League team at the moment. We all pretty much know that A) he's not finished, and B) he's not going to the N.L.

You can't really hold onto him in mixed leagues -- and Thomas was dropped 19,927 times yesterday, so you obviously haven't -- but you definitely need to consider him a UTIL of interest when he signs.

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