Bedard Watch, Day 10: Arthritic, torn, or inflamed?

There's an excellent piece on Erik Bedard at The Hardball Times today, written by Chris Neault. I'm not quoting it, because you should just go there and read. It's kind of involved. It's also not going to make Bedard owners feel any better.

It's worth remembering, though, that teams don't necessarily withhold information because the news is bad. They do it because there's no strategic incentive to disclose real specifics about anything, ever. The default position of many people in sports is to not say meaningful things, yet use lots of words. (You could argue that this also describes the default position of many people in fantasy sports, and it would be difficult to refute).

If a player is having problems of a physical, mechanical, mental, astrological, metaphysical, or chemical nature -- or any other variety of problem, basically -- you're just never going to get all the details. And so you assume the worst.

Whenever you can, and wherever it makes sense for your roster, try to buy-low on ambiguously injured stars. That won't always work out, obviously, but there are panicky owners trying to give Bedard away right now. Literally. Many are probably upset that he's still on the Can't Cut List.

If you can get him as a throw-in, do it. Or if you can trade healthy-but-replaceable pieces, do it.

Here's yet another quote from John McLaren, via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

"After (Bedard) threw today, we started counting the days and what he needs to do to get ready," McLaren said. "I think (returning on the 24th) is realistic, and I think it would have been unrealistic to ask him to do it before then."

OK, that's the last Bedard post until there's actionable intelligence. Sorry to batter you with Mariners lately. That Neault piece is very good, though, and it gave us an opening to use that spectacular AP picture of Bedard and McLaren.

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