Because there were no legitimate reasons to draft Boof Bonser

Here's a lineup that probably couldn't win anything, but might be fun to own (using someone else's Yahoo! profile):


C - Carlos Ruiz (3.2 percent owned)

1B - Lyle Overbay (2.6)

2B - Mark Ellis (19.2)

3B - Melvin Mora (7.4)

SS - Jason Bartlett (6.7)

OF - Lastings Milledge (36.6)

OF - Billy Butler (31.8)

OF - Corey Patterson (28.9)

Util - Jack Cust (28.6)

BN - Adam Jones (16.1)


SP - Kevin Slowey (0.9)

SP - Andy Sonnanstine (0.2)

RP - Pat Neshek (20.8)

RP - Tom Gordon (10.7)

P - Ian Kennedy (49.4)

P - Shaun Marcum (44.3)

P - Andrew Miller (29.4)

BN - Boof Bonser (6.7)

BN - Scott Baker (7.1)

BN - Jon Garland (21.3)

BN - Derrick Turnbow (1.0)

DL - Joel Zumaya (8.6)

That's just a quick attempt to assemble a fantasy roster composed entirely of players owned in fewer than 50 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

I've stashed Turnbow on the roster as a vote of no-confidence in Eric Gagne, and Zumaya on the DL as a similar expression of faith in Todd Jones. There are plenty of high-ceiling starters available, but, predictably, no closers. Boof has had a nice spring, he's reportedly slimmed down, and he'll strike a few people out. But he's primarily listed here because of the heroic/tragic quality of that picture.

There's really a ton of un-owned talent at first base, including Conor Jackson (7.4), Daric Barton (3.7) and Joey Votto (30.8). Plenty of help available in the outfield, too, including Bill Hall (38.3), Jerry Owens (6.0), Nate McLouth (5.8), Andre Ethier (4.8) and Travis Buck (1.0).

It's possible that I'll auto-draft this team in a public league, just to test the limits of my managerial skills.

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