Another throw-away batch of 2012 predictions

Predictions are fun to make, even if they're destined to look ridiculous in 15 days (or 15 minutes). Please provide your own picks in the comments.

American League

Yankees: Even if Pineda is a zero, they're sound everywhere
Rays: Offense could be tricky, but starting rotation is loaded, defense is terrific too
Red Sox: All I want from this season: the removal of Bobby V
Blue Jays: The biggest sleeper in the majors - I won't be surprised if they beat out Boston
Orioles: No shot under current ownership

Tigers: Messy infield defense or not, they win by 10 games
White Sox: A few of those 2011 flukes flip back
Indians: Bang the drum slowly, sha la la la
Royals: Probably a year away
Twins: Defense can't be that bad again, but so many injury concerns

Rangers: Not a Ron Washington fan, but organization is ridiculously loaded
Angels: Love Mike Scioscia and the staff, but not the bottom of the lineup
Mariners: Pretty city, nifty ballpark
Oakland: Wrecking ball can't come soon enough

Awards (Winner and sleeper)
MVP: Miguel Cabrera (Ian Kinsler)
Cy Young: Jered Weaver (C.J. Wilson, Derek Holland)
Rookie: Matt Moore (Jesus Montero)

First Manager Fired: Bobby Valentine (because I just bought the Red Sox and fired him)
Wild Cards: Rays, Angels
Pennant: Angels

National League

Marlins: New park, new attitude, new hair color
Phillies: It's an old team, and offense could be a problem
Nationals: They'll be a monster in a year or two
Braves: Don't like the offense, don't like Fredi G
Mets: A last-place lock, though I like Davis and Duda

Reds: Despite the madness of Dusty
Cardinals: They won't miss La Russa, but they will miss Duncan
Brewers: How are they going to score?
Pirates: Inching towards respectability, like Bedard and Burnett as sleepers
Cubs: Theo can't fix this overnight; when does Brett Jackson come up?
Astros: Life will be better in the American League

Giants: With this rotation and bullpen, you don't need a lot of runs
Diamondbacks: Clear overachiever from last year
Dodgers: Top heavy, don't trust the support guys
Rockies: No faith in Jim Tracy, hate the starting rotation (other than the No. 5 lefty)
Padres: Wonderful city, lengthy rebuilding project

Awards (Winner and sleeper)
MVP: Joey Votto (Pablo Sandoval, Jose Reyes)
Cy Young: Madison Bumgarner (Adam Wainwright, Josh Johnson)
Rookie: Trevor Bauer (Bryce Harper)

First Manager Fired: Terry Collins (not like it matters)
Wild Cards: Phillies, Cardinals
Pennant: Giants

World Series: Giants over Angels

Some Other Random Predictions:

- Adam Dunn hits at least 30 home runs
- Daniel Bard winds up in the Boston bullpen
- A Houston pitcher wins 15 games
- Alex Rodriguez plays more games than Derek Jeter
- Jason Bay doesn't get it back, but Ike Davis is terrific
- Johnny Cueto has a 3.95 ERA
- Roy Oswalt pitches three months for a National League contender
- Miguel Cabrera sticks at third base all season and the world doesn't end
- Ichiro Suzuki hits .331
- Ryan Hanigan has more at-bats than Devin Mesoraco
- Tim Lincecum is the third-best starter on the Giants
- David Freese makes the NL All-Star team
- Brennan Boesch scores 104 runs
- Jeff Francoeur, at minimum, goes 15-15
- Pedro Alvarez spends most of the year in the minors
- Wilson Ramos is better than Matt Wieters
- Chris Sale excels in the rotation
- Andrew Cashner has at least 10 saves
- Mark Teixeira hits at least .280
- Lorenzo Cain is legit
- Buck Showalter makes that punky face all season
- Troy Tulowitzki plays less than 130 games
- Dee Gordon steals at least 60 bases
- Yu Darvish is a significant disappointment
- Andy Behrens wins the Friends & Family League (everyone else ties for last)

That's enough for now. I'll be here all season. Let's see your crystal ball.

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