Another season opener, another disaster for David Wilson

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Hopefully we can all agree that Giants running back David Wilson is a dangerous weapon, capable of game-changing, jaw-dropping, field-flipping plays on every touch. The essential problem with Wilson is that in every game, he's equally dangerous to both sides.

Some days, he's this guy — an electric all-purpose player who can almost single-handedly carry his team. Other days, he's ... well, he's the guy pictured above, not possessing the football. Watching an opponent scoop it up, then run away. Single-handedly dooming his team.

Wilson carried the ball just seven times on Sunday night against Dallas, yet he coughed it up twice. His second fumble was returned by the Cowboys for a 27-yard score. Understandably, New York head coach Tom Coughlin sent Wilson into exile following the second turnover.

In his postgame comments, Coughlin offered many thoughts on Wilson:

"He can run with two hands on the ball just like everybody else. ... Not gonna play unless they can hang onto the ball. It's demoralizing to the whole team. He's a talented young man. We'll get him right, even if he has to run around the field with two hands on the ball. We need him. ... Give us a little time to work on this thing, huh? He's still very much in our thoughts, he's gotta play. ... Every time they touch you, you're gonna turn the ball over? The plays looked like they were over to me."

So that was just a big stew of frustration.

I mean ... "very much in our thoughts"? That's a thing we say about the recently deceased. Not a phrase you want attached to your fantasy team's RB2.

We basically have no clue about Wilson's status for next week, but, as Coughlin put it, "he's gotta play." It's not as if the Giants are swimming in depth at running back, not with Andre Brown sidelined by injury. Da'Rel Scott took over for Wilson on Sunday night,and he managed to gain 74 scrimmage yards in New York's frantic/sloppy comeback attempt. However, he was also the intended receiver on this horrendous play, a game-deciding pick-six. Scott is a few tiers below Wilson in terms of pure talent, so he clearly can't afford sloppy mistakes, like popping the ball into the air on a botched screen.

The Giants are likely to add a veteran back this week. They've been linked to a bunch of sketchy names in recent days, including Tim Hightower, Beanie Wells, Kevin Smith, Willis McGahee, Brandon Jacobs and Ryan Grant. (If healthy, Hightower makes some sense for this team. Wilson was a disaster in pass-protection on Sunday, and that's an area where Tim excels.) No matter who New York adds to the roster, Wilson will remain in the team's gameplan.

Eli Manning echoed his head coach's thoughts in postgame statements, saying this of Wilson: "He's going to have to play for us, and play well."

So I suppose I'd consider the second-year back a buy-low, with low being the key word. And before engaging Wilson's owner, I'd first attempt to swing a deal for CJ Spiller or Trent Richardson or one of Sunday's more reliable duds. If dealing for Wilson today, right now, I wouldn't put a top-35 fantasy asset on the table. But if a vengeful, frustrated owner were willing to consider taking Lamar or D-Rich or DeAngelo, then sure, we'd have something to discuss.

If you're either making or receiving Wilson offers today, feel free to share the details below, where a supportive community of commenters awaits...

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