ALERT: Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Pro Leagues are now open

Yup, that's right: Yahoo! Pro Leagues are LIVE and open for business.

Sign up today, draft your team, and in October we'll show up at your house with one of those giant golf checks.* IT'S REALLY THAT SIMPLE!

Payouts have increased in both the PRO20 and PRO100 leagues, and you're free to enter as many teams as you like. All Pro Leagues are 12-team public formats using either head-to-head or rotisserie scoring. Protested trades will be reviewed by Yahoo! fantasy staff, so no worries there. We're incorruptible.

If you have any additional questions or concerns — or if I've misled you in some important way — you guys can find the official rules right here.

Now please get in the game. Do it. Go.

*Not actually true. Pretty sure we take care of this via PayPal. But if you happen to win one of my leagues, which you obviously won't, maybe we can do a check presentation as part of a small, tasteful ceremony.

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