Adrian Peterson tops 100 rushing yards again, needs just two quarters to do it

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Adrian Peterson's season has been utterly ridiculous, for a variety of reasons. The man shredded his left knee just 11 months ago, tearing multiple ligaments, yet he somehow entered Week 13 as the NFL's rushing leader, by a wide margin.

Peterson extended his streak of 100-yard rushing efforts to six games on Sunday, thanks largely to this insane 82-yard touchdown run, the longest of AP's pro career. Peterson ran right through MD Jennings and Morgan Burnett on that thing. At half, AP had 126 yards on the ground, on just 13 carries. And then he piled on another 52 yards on his first two carries of the third quarter.

As of this writing, Peterson is up to 1,414 rushing yards for the year, with four remaining on the schedule. That's unreal. He's basically the only weapon to fear in Minnesota's offense, yet no one can stop him. Or limit him. Or inconvenience him.

I'm hereby nominating Peterson's surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, for ... um ... something. I'm not sure what he's actually eligible to win. Is there a Nobel prize for orthopedic surgeons? An ESPY? A Yahoo! fantasy medal?

Dunno. But I can guarantee that if I happen to win any of the leagues in which Peterson has carried me, Dr. Andrews gets a share.

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