In which we admit to being less than right about Gavin Floyd

The first time we disrespected Gavin Floyd, reformed fantasy columnist AJ Daulerio sent an email with the following subject:

"You're Totally Wrong About Gavin Floyd."

Then Floyd went 0-1 over his next two starts, allowing eight earned runs in 12 innings. He walked seven, struck out five, and gave up 10 hits. We did not feel totally wrong.

Until Floyd nearly no-hit the Twins on Tuesday. The White Sox right-hander struck out four, mixed his pitches beautifully, and his curve was...well, it was whatever adjective the kids are using to describe good pitches these days.

Filthy? Nasty? Skanky?

It was all of those things and more. Floyd was excellent. His curveball was a total skank. There's no criticizing his performance.

Daulerio sent a "You're Totally Wrong About Gavin Floyd Redux" email. And he's right, there's really no arguing with results. We were dead-on sure that Floyd's value peaked two weeks ago, and it clearly didn't. He's now No. 100 in the overall Yahoo! ranks, and he's been added in 15,707 leagues so far today (as of 12:30 pm PT).

However, as Brandon Funston suggested in last night's Closing Time:

"...don't get your hopes up. Command. Fly balls. Lack of strikeouts. There are plenty of reasons to temper your enthusiasm."

Hopefully you're not adding Floyd because you expect him to be this good all year (2.50 ERA, 0.96 WHIP). Those 19 Ks and 18 walks in 39.2 innings are not encouraging. The .147 BABIP is silly. If you own him, you need to shop him.

But he does need to be added, even if it's just for trade purposes. We were totally wrong about that.

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