7-on-7: Jonathan Stewart owners, your long nightmare is over


Later today (or possibly early tomorrow), Mr. Pianowski will deliver the full post-practice injury sweep. Below, you'll find seven news items to help kill time while you wait for the big Roto Arcade Halloween pageant. TedBell is bringing his famous popcorn balls, Jay M is dressing up like Hermione Granger. You won't want to miss it. Boo.

Carolina running back DeAngelo Williams(notes) (foot) reportedly missed another practice on Friday, and he's doubtful for Sunday's match-up with the Rams. The Panthers' run game has barely been a rumor so far this year, but Jonathan Stewart(notes) can be awfully useful when he gets the rushing workload all to himself. Check last year's game log for details, Weeks 13-17. Stewart is still available in 30 percent of Yahoo! leagues. Make the add, wherever possible.

There's finally some good news on Indianapolis running back Donald Brown(notes), who's been sidelined since 1988 with a hamstring problem. Here's an encouraging quote from Brown: "If the game were today, I'd play." Unfortunately, the game is not today, so Brown still has plenty of time to re-injure himself. Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star expects Brown and Mike Hart(notes) to share the backfield workload on Monday night against Houston. Joseph Addai(notes) 9shoulder) likely won't be available.

By now, we're probably all sick of talking about Brett Favre's(notes) gross old man ankle (and other parts), so we'll keep this bullet brief: He practiced on Friday. It would be a surprise if he didn't face the Patriots on Sunday, although there are reports that Brad Childress would prefer to roll with Tarvaris Jackson(notes) (which would almost certainly mean 28-32 carries for Adrian Peterson). Don't expect clarity until game time. And remember: Favre is 28th at his position in per-game fantasy scoring.

Chiefs rookie Dexter McCluster(notes) reportedly didn't practice on Friday due to an ankle injury — and it sounds like this could be a high ankle sprain. Drat. It's too late to adjust my RB and WR ranks, the deadline has passed. If you were planning to flex McCluster, take evasive action.

There was concern earlier in the week that Knowshon Moreno(notes) may have aggravated one of his hamstring injuries, but Denver head coach Josh McDaniels expects him to be ready for "at least some duty" in that awful game against the Niners. (We're quoting the Denver Post there, not McDaniels). Roto Arcade is still seeking an unpaid UK correspondent, mostly so none of us have to watch the Wembley tilt. If interested, please apply in comments.

Packers receiver Donald Driver(notes) (quadriceps) returned to practice on Friday, so you can expect him to take the field against the Jets on Sunday. He was targeted just once in Week 7 and he failed to catch a pass, which broke his streak of 139 consecutive games with a reception (playoffs included). With Driver limited, the widely available James Jones(notes) gets interesting.

If you don't find my take on Jon Kitna particularly convincing, then perhaps you'll listen to Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats, blogging over at Fifth Down:

But with Tony Romo’s(notes) injury, the Cowboys are certain to show a severe decline in their passing game. Romo’s career net yards per attempt (Y.P.A.) of 7.3 is remarkably high, and this season it was nearly as strong at 7.1, fourth in the league. Jon Kitna’s(notes) career net Y.P.A. is 5.7, which includes his peak seasons as a starter, so something less than 5.7 may be more realistic. We can’t say for sure how Kitna will perform in relief, but just to get a feel for the effect on the Cowboys, going from 7.3 to a 5.7 net YPA would, all other things being equal, take an 11-win team and turn it into a 6-win team.

That seems pretty bad, a five-win decline. As Yahoo!'s Michael Silver points out, you can at least hope for a few garbage-time fantasy points from Kitna, because Dallas could be trailing for the rest of the season.


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