6U: Running with, and away from, Carlos Gomez


We've got our Sixth Annual Friends & Family draft set to go off in about 21 hours, so don't look for too much helpful stuff here. Today's post is all about deception and marginally-valuable info. Feel free to run with this theme in the comments, just be original and witty with your heckling. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a mediocre heckler.

Carlos Gomez(notes) has collected six quick steals in six attempts this spring and he's one of the many guys you can think about for the late rounds if you're acquiring bags on a limited budget (for my money, Carl Crawford(notes) and Jacoby Ellsbury(notes) aren't as valuable as their ADPs might suggest, there's lot of affordable bags out there). Does Gomez have a shot at being Willy Mays Hayes 2.0? Or is he valuable only in leagues where the worst stats count?

The walks are still an issue with Gomez – just one free pass in 26 at-bats – but he's only struck out twice. Laugh at him if you want, but a lot of people laughed at Michael Bourn(notes) and Nyjer Morgan(notes) 12 months ago. [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Razzball]

To me the 5x5 rotisserie categories are fine and untouchable, but I know a lot of players like the idea of replacing batting average with on-base percentage. If you're in the latter crowd, Eriq Gardner's recent piece on OBP leagues is a valuable read. [Fantasy Ball Junkie]

Daisuke Matsuzaka(notes) is set to throw batting practice Wednesday, to his teammates; this is not to be confused with the BP he threw in the American League last summer. Ah, but the price has come down on Matsuzaka (Mock Draft Central ADP: 202) and there's probably a point where he makes sense. In a mixed league that goes around 300-350 picks deep, when is it time for Tumbling Dice? [Redsox.mlb.com]

Joe Sheehan is back on Rotowire Monday with his second divisional breakdown, tackling the NL West. He'll give you some sympathy for Arizona's Chris Young, and a plan for the Padres as they look to compete in the post-Adrian Gonzalez(notes) world. [RotoWire, subscription required]

If you're going to look at any pitching stats from March, you might as well check out the strikeout and walk numbers and avoid everything else. Some guys that have impressed in that area so far: Brian Matusz(notes) (12 strikeouts, 0 walks), David Hernandez(notes) (12-0), Justin Masterson(notes) (12-2), Ricky Nolasco(notes) (9-0), Tim Hudson(notes) (9-1) and Hisanori Takahashi (9-0). [MLB.com]

It's my blog today so we'll sneak in a football note. What's more ridiculous – the fact that the Jets are going to waste some of their Shonn Greene touches on LaDainian Tomlinson next year, or the fact that some writers refuse to call Tomlinson "LT" because that was the handle Lawrence Taylor went by? Initials shouldn't belong to anyone. When you say OJ, you could be talking about Simpson, Anderson, Mayo or a glass or orange juice. No one cares. If I say A.J. to you, what's your first thought? Guyton? Price? Soprano? Burnett?

Back to the gridiron, LT's cliff season in 2009 doesn't look any better when you pop open the hood. According to the stats site Pro Football Focus, Tomlinson caused the fewest missed tackles and produced the lowest number of yards after contact among starting running backs last season. Considering the Jets could have kept Thomas Jones for a similar deal to what Tomlinson got, this looks like a waste of resources. [New York Daily News]


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