'Scandal' Twitter Fans Unlock Season 3 Poster: 'The Secret Is Out'

Fall TV

Where else would "Scandal" debut its Season 3 poster but on Twitter?!

The social network has been a huge ally to the juicy ABC drama — cast member Katie Lowes even declared that it saved the show.

So naturally, when ABC wanted to release the upcoming fall season's first promo image, it turned to Twitter. The stars of "Scandal" used the site to tease fans:

Well, it worked, and ABC tweeted out the poster, which is a profile photo of Kerry Washington with the tagline "The secret is out."

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As Gladiators (aka "Scandal" superfans) know, the Season 2 finale ended on quite the nail-biting, hair-pulling cliffhanger: The press had learned that Olivia Pope was President Fitzgerald Grant's mistress!

"There's a lot to be dealt with there and in true "Scandal" style, whatever you think we're going to do, we're not going to do," executive producer Shonda Rhimes told TV Guide.

Not only had Olivia been outed as the other woman, but her father (Joe Morton) — the Mystery Park Bench boss that gave orders to Scott Foley's Jake Ballard – showed up in her limo!

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"When we pick back up, we're meeting her just minutes after the end of last season," Kerry Washington told TV Guide. "So, she's got a lot on her plate because she's dealing with two bombs: One, that her name has been leaked, and the other that her father is in this car with her. They're both pretty extraordinary challenges."

No problem. If there's one thing Olivia Pope can handle, it's an extraordinary challenge. #GladiatorsRule