Singer Jeff Fuller butchers Canadian, U.S. anthems before Blue Jays’ game in Florida

"O Canada" may be easy to remember for those of us constantly exposed to it, but professional sports occasionally remind us that not everyone's as familiar with the Canadian national anthem, that famed "sweet, soothing hymn." American singer Jeff Fuller provided us with an excellent example Wednesday, completely botching the Canadian national anthem before the Toronto Blue Jays' spring training clash against the Houston Astros. Here's video from @BlueJaysChirps:

[Photos: See the players react to the bad anthems]

As Global's Adam Frisk points out, Fuller valiantly gave it a second try, but that didn't work out either:

On the first attempt, Fuller made it through the first few verses of 'O Canada' before he began to mix up the lines.

With help from the fans, many of them sporting Jays jerseys and ball caps, Fuller tried again - with no luck.

Fuller also made a few mistakes while singing the American anthem but managed to complete the song before walking off the field.

Perhaps the disappointing rendition of the Canadian anthem hurt the Jays' morale, as they fell 10-1 to the lowly Astros. Fuller was an equal-opportunity offender, though, messing up the American anthem as well. As Ashley Burns points out, this might be the worst anthem rendition since Tracy Jordan's...and that was fictional!

It's too bad Mo Cheeks wasn't around to help Fuller out:

Still, while this is certainly a bad version of the Canadian anthem, it probably isn't the worst of all time. Fuller may have forgotten the words, but at least he had an idea of the tune. That's more than you can say about Las Vegas lounge singer Dennis K.C. Parks (credited as "Greg Bartholomew"!) who famously sung "O Canada" to something approximating the tune of "O Christmas Tree" before the expansion Las Vegas Posse's first CFL home game against Saskatchewan:

The Posse only lasted one season before folding, but this may have been their most notable legacy (well, that or starting the CFL career of pro football passing leader Anthony Calvillo). At least Fuller didn't attempt "O Christmas Tree"...

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