The tailgating menu at LSU includes ‘baby elephant’ **UPDATED**

How do you know when a rivalry has reached all out lunacy? When the tailgating menu includes the opponent's mascot — its possibly endangered mascot.

During ESPN The Magazine's tour of tailgating in Death Valley prior to Saturday night's LSU-Alabama game, it caught a shot of an LSU fan roasting a baby elephant.

Yes, a baby elephant.

The picture makes it tough to see what's actually roasting, but that does appear to be a trunk on the face of that animal.

Excuse me a sec while I vomit.

OK, three questions here:

1. Where does one find and kill a baby elephant in the United States?

2. Is elephant something that people normally eat?

3. Is this illegal?

I won't pretend to be versed on poaching laws, so for all I know, roasting a baby elephant is a totally normal occurrence. But it seems like baby elephant would be one of those things off limits to folks. Like, I don't think you can just go to your local Wal-Mart and pick one up like you would a steak. I also don't think you can send away for one like you would Omaha Steaks. This is right up there with clubbing baby seals and shooting lions for sport.

This is perhaps the most Billy-Bob thing ever.


Apparently, the animal in question is actually a pig with ears and a trunk sewn on.

That's makes us feel a lot better. A lot less disgusting and far more creative. Dare we ask of what the added features are made? Nah, probably don't want to do that.

That said, my apologies to the tailgaters. Billy-Bob comment withdrawn.

- - -
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