The spoils of victory? For Les Miles, about $5.7 million.


An LSU win over Alabama in tonight's BCS Championship Game would trigger two different clauses in Les Miles' contract that would increase his salary over the next six years, potentially pushing past Nick Saban as the the highest paid coach in the SEC and to the brink of the $5 Million Club.

Miles is currently the fourth-highest paid coach in the country at $3.75 million per year, not including the extra $200,000 he earned for winning the SEC and another $200,000 for qualifying for a BCS bowl game. A win in the national title game would net another $100,000, but also triggers a windfall that is actually helped by Saban's salary.


According to paragraph 6, subparagraph D in Miles' contract, if the Tigers win the national championship, "…the total annual compensation shall be adjusted to be no less than the third, highest salary within NCAA Division I intercollegiate football."

Currently, Oklahoma's Bob Stoops is the third-highest paid coach at $4.075 million. But here's where it gets interesting (and fortunate) for Miles.

Two months after LSU brought home the BCS championship in January 2008 — in the immediate wake of Miles' well-publicized flirtations with Michigan — university president John Lombardi issued a memorandum stating that if Miles should win another national title, his "… total compensation shall be no less than the highest salary within the SEC, plus $1,000."

Right now, the highest salary within the SEC is Saban's at $4.68 million, which would mean an increase of nearly $1 million per year for Miles over the life of his current contract — an increase of about $5.7 million over six years.

As if waving the crystal football in Saban's face isn't enough: If the Tigers win, Miles will get to flaunt his new paycheck, too. Now that's upping the stakes in a rivalry.

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