West Ham fans boo after win, Sam Allardyce eggs them on

Brooks Peck
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West Ham snapped a three-match losing streak by just barely eking out a 2-1 win over 10-man Hull at Upton Park. A 54th-minute own goal from Hull defender James Chester proved to be the winner, so many of the home fans felt West Ham won in spite of themselves. Because of this, they disregarded the result and voiced their displeasure with the performance by booing both during and after match. Feeling this treatment was unjustified for a team comfortably sitting 11th in the table, manager Sam Allardyce — whose demeanor and tactics are as sublte as the Kool-Aid Man attempting to rob a bank — egged them on by putting his hand to his ear like Hulk Hogan urging wrestling fans to cheer louder.

Once he reached the press, Allardyce discussed his shock by the reception. From the London Evening Standard:

"We got a little nervous because our fans decided they weren't going to get behind us which really surprised me. We were winning at half-time and one or two weren't happy," he said.

"I've never been a place where I won and got booed.

"I started at 16, got into the first team at 18 and I'm 59 now and I have never been in place where we have won and got booed.

"At half time players talking more about fans booing them than the game. Fans affect players. We don't need them on the players' backs when we are coming off three defeats. They have to stay and help them win."

The most shocking part of this, however, is that it's happened at West Ham before it did at Manchester United or Arsenal. Prepare yourselves, David Moyes and Arsene Wenger.

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