Soccer flopping in real life is hysterical, infuriating (Video)

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If there's one element of soccer that keeps the majority of anti-futbol Americans on the far side of the fence, it isn't the low scoring or the foreign-sounding names. No, it's the flopping — the overly dramatic, theatrical, bad-high-school-play-style imitations of actual injury that halt play. Flopping runs counter to classic American values like "play hurt" and "rub some dirt in it, you'll be fine," and thus infuriates a certain subset of American fans.

That subset now has its justification. A Canadian film company named Fourgrounds Film has created a lovely short film titled "Everyday Football Fouls." The premise is: What if the rest of the world flopped like soccer players? Simple premise, delightful execution. Enjoy, and make sure to watch through to the very end.

Feel free to use this technique yourself ... though be careful about flopping in locations that don't have magic spray close at hand.

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