Silvio Berlusconi’s younger brother makes racist comment about Mario Balotelli

Dirty Tackle

Warning: video contains NSFW language

AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi is supposed to be in prison right now, with a three-year ban from holding public office for committing tax fraud. Thanks to the unique way Italian politics operate, however, the 76-year-old might actually be Prime Minister for the fourth time at the end of the month, after his purchase of Mario Balotelli caused a surge of popularity in his latest election campaign. Yes, that's the same Mario Balotelli whom Berlusconi called a "bad apple" a few weeks ago.

Silvio' younger brother Paolo, however, may have put a fly in the campaign ointment by making an abhorrent remark about Balotelli in a policital speech this week. According to the International Business Times and the video above, he said:

"That's all. Now let's go and watch the household's little n*****, the crazy head [Mario Balotelli]. Girls are also invited if they want to come with me. You'll also have the chance to meet with the president [Silvio Berlusconi]."

The humorous tone in which these racist and sexist remark are delivered makes one wonder how the odious Berlusconi family have done so well in the public sphere. But if Silvio can still get votes after tax fraud convictions, underage prostitute scandals, bribery allegations, countless assertions of corruption and this, a bit of despicable racism from a brother that publishes a right wing newspaper seems unlikely to cause a major setback.

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