The new Pope Francis is a card-carrying San Lorenzo supporter

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Argentinian Jorge Bergoglio has been named the new Pope -- the first ever from the Americas -- and he's taken the name Francis. With that settled, the obvious question to follow up with is: what club does he support? The answer is San Lorenzo.

The Buenos Aires club wasted no time in promoting that fact via their Twitter account, sharing an undated picture of Pope Francis holding up the San Lorenzo crest and a scan of his club membership card (both below), which shows that he's been a member since 2008. San Lorenzo also count actor Viggo Mortensen among their biggest supporters. Yes, the High King of the Reunited Kingdom.

Pope Francis being a San Lorenzo fan is perhaps fitting. The club was named after local priest Father Lorenzo Massa, who let children play football in his church's yard so they wouldn't have to do it amongst the dangerous trams in the street. San Lorenzo are currently in 12th place in the Argentine Primera Division, but now that they have the papacy on their side, they will probably expect to start rising up the table any minute now.

UPDATE: It seems the Pope is intimately acquainted with life as a football fan. From Reuters:

"He says he lives in a permanent state of suffering for San Lorenzo," said Oscar Lucchini, an architect and fellow fan who handed Bergoglio's membership card to him after that mass about four years ago.

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