NYCFC unveil official badge inspired by subway token

Brooks Peck
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The new NYCFC badge (left...seagull not included) and the old NYC subway token.


The new NYCFC badge (left...seagull not included) and the old NYC subway token.

The first MLS club to be based within New York's five boroughs, New York City FC, have unveiled their official badge a week after allowing fans to choose from two final designs. And the winning crest was inspired by the iconic New York City subways tokens of old.

Over 100,000 people voted over a period of three and a half days to determine the winning badge, which the club describes like so:

The winning badge is inspired by the old New York City Subway Token, created by the Transit Authority in 1953 and used for 50 years as the standard fare for a ride. The last version of the token had a cut out pentagon in the center representing the five boroughs, similar to what appears on either side of the monogram, to reinforce the Club’s connection to entire city. The circle is also a symbol of unity, wholeness and infinity, and is often associated with potential and the number one. This is a modern and confident badge that clearly speaks to New York City’s status as a leading city.

The badge features the typeface Gotham, a wholly American font inspired by the City’s signage. Born out of an in-depth study of building lettering in New York City, the monogram reflects the rich graphic language that is so much a signature of the five boroughs. The colors navy blue, white and orange are drawn from the New York City flag.


The large dose of light blue in the badge serve as a nod to primary owner Manchester City, while the overlayed NYC letters are reminiscent of the co-owner New York Yankee's logo (and unrelated party Inter Milan).

So now that the club has a coach in Jason Kreis and a badge chosen by the fans, all they need now is a squad full of players that will begin to take shape this summer as they prepare to begin play in MLS in March 2015.

Naturally, official merchandise featuring the freshly unveiled badge is already available.

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