Nike releases animated short film starring Neymar, Zlatan, and Cristiano Ronaldo as a human mannequin

Nike apparently felt that their five-minute, star-filled, live action commercial wasn't enough for this World Cup, so now they've gone and produced an animated short featuring all of their top footballers too. Titled "The Last Game," it tells the story of how players are phased out by clones capable of footballing perfection.

After losing their jobs to their clones, the players (voiced by actors) are all forced to take up regular jobs — Zlatan Ibrahimovic mans a newsstand, Neymar and David Luiz work in a hair salon, Wayne Rooney as a fisherman and Cristiano Ronaldo as a human mannequin in a shop window. The Brazilian Ronaldo won't stand for this though, and convinces them all to unite for one last game against the clones. The result is pretty great.

Anyway, at this rate World Cup commercials are going to start being nominated for Academy Awards before you know it.

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