Lionel Messi says he vomits all the time and it's no big deal

Lionel Messi says he vomits all the time and it's no big deal

Lionel Messi vomited early in Argentina's friendly against Romania on Wednesday and it has people taking notice. Not because it was an unusual occurrence, but because it wasn't an unusual occurrence. This was the fourth time in three years he's been caught on camera heaving during a match. According to Messi, this is nothing to worry about though, because he vomits pretty much everywhere.

From Marca:

"It happens to me all the time: during the matches, while training, when I'm at home...I don't know why it happens, but it happens".

"Sometimes I accelerate very fast and the change in air intake that involves causes me to heave. I felt completely fine at the end of the match", the forward added.

Barcelona manager Tata Martino added that while he recognizes this is unusual, he's not concerned by it. From the BBC:

"Something is not right, but it doesn't affect his performance. It happens to him regularly," said Barcelona boss Gerardo Martino before Saturday's match at Valladolid.

"But it isn't a cause for concern. It doesn't affect him at all in terms of doing his job."

Just be sure to put the plastic on the couch before having him over.

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