Future News: David Moyes’ car breaks down on street named after Sir Alex Ferguson

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Manchester United manager David Moyes suffered mysterious car trouble on a road near Old Trafford that was recently renamed Sir Alex Ferguson Way. Moyes was on his way to work when the automotive trouble occurred, forcing him to walk the short distance to the stadium.

"It was really quite the strange," Moyes told reporters. "The car is only a few months old, as it was given to me by the club and I've never in my life had any car trouble before. But as soon as I reached Sir Alex Ferguson Way, it immediately sputtered out and wouldn't turn over. I had to leave it and walk the rest of the way. They had a mechanic take a look and he said it must have been a user error because the car itself is fine. Very strange."

Manchester United are currently ninth in the Premier League table, having lost three of their first seven matches under Moyes. Last season, they won their 13th league title under Ferguson, who retired after 26 years with the club.

"I must admit that I was a bit distracted by the new sign," Moyes admitted. "By my count there's the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand in Old Trafford, the Sir Alex Ferguson statue outside Old Trafford and now Sir Alex Ferguson Way near Old Trafford. There's also exactly 273 pictures of Sir Alex inside the stadium and 461 uses of his name. I counted. It's brilliant, isn't it? He's terribly deserving of every honor he gets. The man's a legend. Not that I think about any of that very much. It's the furthest thing from my mind."

When asked about promising 18-year-old winger Adnan Januzaj, Moyes replied, "Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Alex Ferguson. Sir Alex Ferguson? Sir. Alex. Ferguson."

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