Atletico Madrid assistant manager threatens to rip Jose Mourinho’s head off

Real Madrid's 2-0 victory over neighbors Atletico on Saturday was a fairly ugly affair, but not quite as ugly as the spat that erupted on the touchline during the first half.

In the 28th minute, Jose Mourinho appeared to engage in a furious debate with Ateltico Madrid's assistant manager Germán 'Mono' Burgos. While Mou remained seated, Mono was caught by French broadcaster Canal+ wagging his finger and shouting:

"I'm not Tito, I'll rip your head off!"

The Argentinean was referencing the incident at last year's Super Cup where Mourinho jabbed Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova in the eye. (Of course, the Real Madrid coach probably didn't need a touchline shouting match to know that Germán Burgos is not the kind of chap you poke in the eye.)

When asked about the incident in the post-match press conference, Marca report that Jose Mourinho gave the most Jose Mourinho response possible:

"Who is Mono Burgos?"

The Special One might have been more shaken up by the incident than he let on: Marca's frontpage on Monday morning was dominated by the supposition that he will be leaving the club in June. Perhaps Jose is — much like a promiscuous high school cheerleader — going to great lengths to avoid Mono.