Arjen Robben annoys teammate by 'needlessly falling' during Netherlands training session

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Arjen Robben achieved meme status during the 2010 World Cup when he curled up into a ball after getting stomped on by Brazil's Felipe Melo and it appears he's already practicing for a similar moment this year. During a Dutch training session in Rio, Robben and teammate Bruno Martins Indi squabbled a bit as Robben felt Martins Indi was going at him too hard and Martins Indi felt Robben was going down easy.

According to the Associated Press, "Robben kicked out at Martins Indi after one tackle and lay on the ground clutching his back after another strong challenge by the Feyenoord defender on Sunday. The Bayern Munich winger briefly left the pitch but later returned and did not appear hurt."

"Arjen is a good dribbler. I thought he fell needlessly once," Martins Indi said. "We had a little head-to-head."

A reporter said to Martins Indi that he thought he had seen irritation between the two, to which Martins Indi replied, "You saw right."

And just like that another line is added to the long story of Dutch infighting at major tournaments.

Thankfully, there were photographers present to capture Robben's various demonstrations of pain and anger...

Arjen works on his tan (while protecting his crotch from those dangerous UV rays).

Louis van Gaal and a member of his staff try to convince Arjen not to burrow into the earth head first.

Arjen plays dead.

Finally, you know things have gone too far when you're trying to get a teammate sent off during a training session.

It's just a shame Arsene Wenger wasn't there to show Robben his diving gesture again.

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