Another chicken invades pitch during Blackburn match, expertly evades capture (for a bit)

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Not to be outdone by the marten that ran riot and bit a Zurich player during a Swiss Super League match last weekend, the chickens of Blackburn once again conspired to invade the pitch at Ewood Park. Though it probably wasn't the same chicken that invaded the pitch during Blackburn's match against Wigan last season as part of ongoing protests against the club's hated poultry magnate owners, a cockerel wearing a similar small flag as a cape stepped onto the edge of the pitch during their match against rivals Burnley on Sunday.

The chicken appeared in the first half and a brave steward took on the task of trying to catch it. The task proved to be tricky as the bird slipped out of its cape when the steward grabbed hold, delighting the crowd. The steward then took off his vest to try and use it as a makeshift net, but the chicken once again evaded him and hopped over the advertising board before finally being capture by a tag-team effort.

Burnley went on to score the match's opening goal in the 32nd minute, but Blackburn eventually found a second-half equalizer in the fifth minute of injury time to give the home supporters something to cheer about other than a chicken.

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