Angry Gigi Buffon feared Germany would come back and beat Italy 9-2

Two first-half goals from Mario Balotelli proved to be enough to give Italy a 2-1 win over Germany and put them in the final against Spain, but goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon didn't enjoy the final moments of the match at all. Two minutes into added time, Mesut Ozil scored for Germany to make things a little tense in the final moments, causing Buffon to blow a gasket.

After the final whistle, he explained his fury (via Football Italia):

"We are playing for something unique and totally prestigious, so it's not right with the performance we put in to risk it in the last five minutes and play with fire.

"If they had scored with a lucky ricochet for 2-2, we'd end up losing in extra time 9-2. We are playing in the Euros here and cannot take it lightly.

"I always evaluate performances and attitudes rather than strictly wins or losses. We are still young, apart from a few old men in the squad, and need to learn. It's only right for the old men to tell them off and stir up trouble.

Well, 9-2 might be a bit of an overstatement, but you can't underestimate the importance of keeping focus until the final whistle blows. And to clarifying his statements, we have pictures of Buffon standing. Pictures, of Gigi Buffon, how close were you to actually losing 9-2 in extra time?

OK. Do you think your assessment is at all influenced by the tightness of your hair clips?