Tiger Woods admits he once held up a Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting to talk sports with President Obama

Barack Obama and Tiger Woods — Getty Images

When you're Tiger Woods, few doors get closed when you show up, and that theme seems to continue on through the White House.

Woods, who returns to the PGA Tour this week after back surgery that has kept him away from the sport since early March, was asked about his trips to the White House as he and the rest of the Presidents Cup team will be visiting the most famous house in America on Tuesday afternoon, and gave this funny story about a trip to the Oval Office.

"I've been (to the White House) several -- yeah, several times. It's always an interesting experience. There's umpteen security. There's obviously cameras where you don't know there's cameras, and everything's so well lit. I got a chance to go in the Oval Office and that was a pretty neat experience. I remember talking to President Obama, and he wanted to talk a little bit about some golf and blah, blah, blah, and we started talking about sports. And I see these other guys in the other room, and they are immaculately dressed. And I said, you know, Mr. President, I think I'd better go. He says, "Okay, well, I'd like you to meet my Joint Chiefs." I'm like, oh, my God. I felt awful that I'm holding up a Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting because he wanted to talk sports (laughter)." 

We all know that Obama loves his sports, with his obsession with golf and his fun with the Miami Heat and even his first pitches at MLB games, but this story was pretty epic.

The President holding up a meeting with the most influential uniformed leaders in this country to talk pars and birdies with Tiger Woods? I'm sure some political talking heads are going to have some fun with that one!

My only hope is that Woods gave him a few tips on that golf swing of his, because it can sure use it!


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