Pablo Larrazabal's golf ball ended up in a pretty unusual spot at the BMW PGA

Pablo Larrazabal — Getty Images

Pablo Larrazabal

Pablo Larrazabal — Getty Images

For some reason, whenever Pablo Larrazabal is involved in a golf tournament, something strange is bound to happen, especially in 2014. 

On Thursday at the BMW PGA Championship, one of the biggest events on the European Tour calendar, Larrazabal fired an opening round 69, good enough for a T-14 at the Wentworth Club and in a good spot for the remaining 54 holes. 

What wasn't in a good spot during his round? His golf ball, which somehow ended up wedged between a man's legs on the 18th hole. Much like we see so many times with pros hitting spectators with golf balls and then signing golf gloves for them after, Larrazabal's second shot went into the spectators and somehow got lodged between this man's legs. 

Larrazabal tweeted the picture after his round for all the world to say, adding the line, "Why all the crazy things happen to me?" The reason for that line is what happened earlier this season at the Malaysian Open, when Larrazabal was forced to jump in a lake after being attacked by hornets mid-round. 

Of course, this time it wasn't nature that went after the 31-year-old, just an errant golf shot that somehow found its way into a spot that a lot of people would find tough to hit from.

Larrazabal got a free drop on the 18th hole, knocked it on the green and made par, completing his solid round, but not before that picture that continues this wacky year for the three-time European Tour winner. 

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