Bubba Watson’s Champions dinner menu was about as Bubba as it gets

One of the coolest traditions at the Masters is the Champions dinner. A chance for all the past winners of the first major of the year to congregate together at Augusta National at a table that any golf fan would fork over their life savings to be included in.

Tuesday night was the 2013 dinner, and as protocol, the winner of the previous year's Masters gets to pick the menu. Bubba Watson had been silent on what he had picked all week, but Nick Faldo was the first to out Bubba after dinner concluded.

Some people on Twitter were questioning Bubba's choice, but let me explain something.

First, the dude won the Masters. He could pick liver and spam and it would be fine because, again, he won the Masters and it's his night. Second, have you guys ever listened to a Bubba interview or read his Twitter feed or watched the way he played the game? He's a guy that coined his own style of Bubba Golf, which is basically "see ball, hit ball" and it shouldn't surprise you that his menu is also simple.

And, it's a little funny, right? This incredibly elite group of athletes all sitting at the table and they get corn and mac and cheese? I would have loved to see Tiger Woods' face when that stuff arrived.

Bubba tweeted out a picture of the menu afterwards, with all the champion's signatures on it, and the menu is after the jump.

Good on you, Bubba. Why not have a little fun with the menu for a change (also, if you want to see a chart of what other winners have picked in the past, check it out right here).

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